Local entrepreneur launches organic skin-care line

1. Owner of Definitely Reese, Ressa Valentine Benjamin (Contributed)
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By Latrishka Thomas

Right from the comfort of her kitchen, Ressa Valentine Benjamin has created an all-natural skin-care line which could leave your skin glowing.

“Definitely Reese” was birthed out of Benjamin’s desire to assuage her admirers who wanted to know how she maintained such smooth and healthy skin.

“I have been always told that I have great skin. Every time I go and do my makeup by a professional they would be obsessed with my skin and they would ask me what I use and so on…then I went home one day and thought I need to tell my secret, I need an extra income…I think I need to start my skin-care line,” she told Observer.

She added that the hardships brought on by Covid-19 also influenced her decision.

So in July 2020, the 30-year-old began whipping up concoctions with organic ingredients such as coffee grounds, cane sugar, honey, turmeric and “a dash of something special”.

Her efforts resulted in the creation of face scrubs, lip scrubs, lip glosses, lip balms, eyebrow and eyelash serums.

But Benjamin explained that she was initially apprehensive about making such a big move.

“I was nervous at first because starting a new business you have to start money to make money and that was really one of my concerns,” she shared.

Now the St Johnson’s village resident sees the decision as a defining moment in her life.

She said that thus far business has been “really, really good”.

“Definitely Reese” is said to help strip away impurities and add a special glow to one’s sun-kissed skin.

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