Fire guts home of Pointe family

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A mother, her son and daughter-in-law were left devastated on Tuesday afternoon as a fire completely destroyed their home on St. George’s Street.

It was reported that at approximately 12:58 pm on Tuesday, personnel from the St. John’s, Coolidge and All Saints Fire Stations responded to a call in the Pointe area. Upon arriving on the scene, the home belonging to the Hispanic family as well as two shacks and two other houses were on fire.

Yesterday, Chief Fire Officer Elvis Weaver gave OBSERVER media further details about the incident.

“The tenants said they had just left home for about 10 minutes and then they got a call that their house was on fire. The house to the east of that one was fully destroyed and to the west got heat damage. When we say heat damage that means the paint started peeling off,” the fire chief said.

“The house that was destroyed there was a little shack at the back of that. That was badly charred and another house further down the road, 100 feet down the road, another shack caught fire. It seems as if [embers from] a tree blew all the way down to it and the interior of that was burnt out.”

The home which was totally destroyed was also reported to have been uninsured.  

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