Final adjournment for case of man who allegedly stole sweet tamarind

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke has adjourned the trial of a man who allegedly stole $300 worth of sweet tamarind from a farm in Creekside, for one final time.

This was after hearing from the prosecution that the case file of Bendals resident, 25-year-old Jari Adams, is still not ready two months later.

It is alleged that on April 21, Adams went to Creekside and began picking tamarind from the farm of a 63-year-old man.

The owner of the farm was at his other farm on Airport Road when he was informed by a friend who lives nearby about an alleged theft taking place on his property.

He immediately drove to Creekside and contacted the police.

When he got to his property, he reportedly found the defendant inside the fenced property with a white bucket in his hands.

Upon seeing the complainant, the defendant is said to have dropped the bucket and ran.

Adams was subsequently arrested and charged, but when he appeared in court on Monday he denied the single charge of praedial larceny.

The prosecution has until July 22 to prepare for trial or the matter could be dismissed.

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