Females not supporting each other in male dominated fields

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Women can excel in whatever field they may choose to enter; however, the biggest challenge is that they are not supportive of each other.
That’s the view of Senator Alincia Williams-Grant, one of three women seeking to represent the people of the St. John’s Rural East Constituency on the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) ticket.
Williams-Grant said women sometimes join men to ridicule the efforts made by their female counterparts.
“Because I feel like I could get favour from the prime minister, I would say all the wonderful things about the person that he is supporting. If the prime minister or whoever is leading the party does not support X they say the most negative things,” Williams-Grant said in an interview yesterday.
“I think it is about time that we lift that veil and take the conversation forward. Because, we women know as long as a woman goes forward, they have the potential just like any man.”
The current president of the senate in Antigua and Barbuda said she encountered this when she contested a primary for the community of St. George between 2007 and 2008.
She said another major challenge is when new candidates are selected to represent a constituency over others who would have spent several years building community support.
“I suppose it happens in both political parties, but I can only speak to my experience in my party,” she said.
Williams-Grant will have to come up against Senator Shenella Govia and Maria Bird-Browne before she is confirmed as the ABLP candidate in Rural East.
The senate president said she continues to work in the community despite the speculation of many that Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s wife will be the chosen candidate.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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