Family launches GoFundMe

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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

Around $3,390 has been raised thus far on a petition that was launched earlier this month to assist with the medical expenses of former Queen of Carnival, Tenisha Sebastian, and her six-year-old  daughter.

Both were involved in a fiery crash on August 16th in Florida and had to be pulled from a burning vehicle by good Samaritans. The driver of the vehicle, former Airport Authority CEO Stanley Smith did not survive the crash.

The appeal was launched by Sebastian’s sister, Onika Ramsey, on behalf of her aunt, Kelly Frederick. The relatives say that even though the former carnival queen contestant and her daughter survived the crash, they are still hospitalised with broken bones and severe burns.

In an August 22nd update, they posted that while Tenisha and her daughter are recovering in the hospital, the process will be lengthy as they will need a lot of therapy and rehab.

The funds raised will go towards their medical care and to cover the cost of travel for Sebastian’s parents.

According to both relatives, Sebastian was in the United States for college, while her daughter was there on a visit after months of being apart, and the traffic accident has left the family scrambling to ensure that they receive continued care.

They are also thanking the many individuals who have continued to pray for the family’s wellbeing during this difficult time.

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