Eric Joseph Jr tops 2017 CSEC

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The Baptist Academy of Antigua has produced the top student in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examination for the second consecutive year. According to information provided by the Ministry of Education, the 2017 top student is Eric Emmanuel Joseph Jr, who wrote and successfully passed 15 subjects, and secured 13 grade ones and two grade twos. Joseph expressed surprise and excitement to OBSERVER media shortly after he found out about his achievement.
“I’m not going to lie, CXC was very tough, but I just had to keep on studying,” Joseph said. “I studied a lot … have a good memory and understand things easily.” In revealing his approach to preparing for the exams, the top student said that he focused more on the subjects that he struggled with and never hesitated to ask his teachers for clarification.
Joseph’s father also spoke to his son’s independence which aided him in his achievements. “I remember talking with him about getting his School Based Assessments (SBAs) finished because he was running behind,” Eric Sr told OBSERVER media. “I offered to help him with his SBAs and he said no he doesn’t want me or anyone to help him and he was prepared to go to 3 am and he did it.” Joseph Jr credited his independent nature for his success and said, “I don’t want anybody to give anything to me, I want to earn it myself.”
He said that he balanced basketball with his academics during the CSEC examinations and he plans to continue on this path as he is currently finishing high school at Heritage Christian School in Florida. He aspires to pursue studies leading to a career in engineering.
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