New pharmacist earmarked for Barbuda

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Patients in Barbuda who have not been able to get their prescriptions filled for the past month due to the lack of a pharmacist, will be able to get the service very soon. The Member of Parliament for the sister isle, Arthur Nibbs, said a new pharmacist is expected to take up the job from as early as next week.
“The [Barbuda] Council had employed a pharmacist who is from Antigua originally and for some reason or the other the pharmacist took ill himself and had to leave the island to receive further medical attention. Unfortunately, he did not inform the council that he was not returning so that left us [without] a pharmacist,” Nibbs said. He added, “But I am pleased to announce that we have received confirmation from the Ministry of Health — I spoke with the minister myself — that within a couple of days we are going to be having a pharmacist.”
That pharmacist will be from Antigua, according to Minister Nibbs. About a week ago, he had said he was not sure when a replacement would have been confirmed, so this latest news is great, according to Nibbs. Also, a week ago, the Public Relations Officer of the opposition Barbuda’s People Movement (BPM) Kendra Beazer said he was aware of at least one diabetic patient was unable to receive medication because of the absence of a pharmacist.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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