Embracing the Future: Veteran broadcaster advocates for AI in Caribbean media

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By Samantha Simon
[email protected]

In an address during the seventh lecture of The UWI, Cave Hill Campus’ 60th-anniversary legacy series, veteran Caribbean broadcaster Julian Rogers has called upon regional journalists to embrace the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in news production.

The lecture, held in association with the Nation Publishing Company Limited, delved into the history and future prospects of Caribbean media.

Under the theme ‘From Rediffusion to AI: Caribbean Media’s History and Future Prospects,’ Rogers highlighted the imperative for the media industry to evolve with the times.

Urging a proactive approach to AI integration, he emphasized the pivotal role that technology can play in enhancing news production and dissemination.

Rogers’ appeal extended beyond technological advancements, advocating for increased investment in the media sector. Recognizing the media as a cornerstone for national development, he stressed its significance as a platform for dialogue, education, and entertainment.

“You have to look at the media as a key player in the development of these countries. And if there’s no platform for people to talk, to share, for the media to act as an educator, as an entertainer… we’re going to have problems,” Rogers remarked.

As the Caribbean navigates the ever-changing landscape of media, Rogers’ call for embracing AI aligns with the broader global trend of technological integration in journalism. The potential benefits include enhanced efficiency, broader reach, and innovative storytelling methods.

The legacy lecture series continues to be a platform for insightful discussions, bringing together seasoned professionals and emerging talents to contemplate the past, present, and future of Caribbean media.

With Rogers’ plea for technological adaptation, the region is poised to embark on a transformative journey into the realms of AI-enhanced journalism.

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