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Dozens of relatives, friends, former students, neighbours and other residents showed up yesterday to give support to Fort Road resident Henderson Simon who was the victim of an armed robbery in his home yesterday morning.
The 72 year old recounted how the men kicked down his front door to gain entry, rousing him from his sleep.
One of the three men held him at gunpoint, and another had a cleaver, as they robbed him of a television set, a Nikon camera, his silver/grey Hyundai vehicle – registration A 108 – and the cash he had set aside to pay tithes in church yesterday.
“It was around 1 o’clock [Sunday] morning when I heard a banging and like something was breaking down. It woke me up but I was still groggy and I was in my bedroom. I got up and looked and saw the lights in my corridor on. I found it strange because I don’t sleep with the lights on. I came out of my bedroom and there were the guys coming down the corridor,” he told OBSERVER media.
Simon said the three men were approximately about five feet eight inches tall and of medium build. However, he said he did not see any part of their bodies since they were wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, masks and gloves.
“They talked to me: they asked for the wallet, my car keys and they cut my phone. They searched up the room, tossed over the bed and searched the drawer. They took the TV, the money for my tithes and the car keys, and they left. I really don’t know what else they took because I didn’t even bother look around all over the house,” he said.
According to Simon, the men asked him “where’s the safe” and when he told them the house had none, one robber turned to another and said “maybe we got the wrong house”.
He said the thieves left but returned to the house shortly after and then they bound his hands and feet. They then left a second time in his car, which was yet to be found up to press time.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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