Normal operation resumes at Horsford Hill

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Vendors and taxi drivers who ply their trade at Horsford Hill can look forward to new facilities while returning to normal operations.
Last month, vendors complained that the police had prevented them, as well as taxi operators, from parking in the area for two consecutive days. They had also protested the lack of bathroom facilities at the venue and had threatened to withhold rental fees until their landlord – National Parks Authority (NPA) – had addressed the issue.
The government has since intervened and commenced construction on the washrooms.  Member of Parliament for St Paul, EP Chet Greene said that trade in the area has been returning to normal.
“Vendors are plying their trade; taxi drivers have been told that it is a place for business. Before, they [taxi operators] were told not to stop there but they are now being serviced by taxi men and the bathroom or changing room is under construction,” Greene told OBSERVER media.
Gregory “Driftwood” Athill, who manages hotel operations out of the Antigua National Taxi Association, also said that normal operations have resumed.
“Everything [has] kind of settled down for now. I think the issue came from when the police had stopped the taxi drivers from parking there but the taxi drivers are parking in the same place where they were parking for years; dropping off the guests and everything.”
He added, “The bathroom is being built right now and the side walls are going up. Other than that, everything is okay.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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