Driver in Cost Pro crash to be charged

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The driver of the car that crashed into Cost Pro Supermarket last night, is in custody.
The head of the Police Traffic Department, Inspector Elson Quammie also says man was taken to the St. John’s Police Station, soon after the accident.
The man is a 25-year-old-resident of Yorks and is expected to be charged with dangerous driving.
Cost Pro is located at Woods Mall…
The maintenance manager of the mall says he’s waiting for the police to get back to him and then he will assess what repairs need to be done.
Videos of the accident, including one which appears to be CCTV footage, are circulating on social media…
With the CCTV video showing a woman walking out of the main supermarket area and back into the entrance area where shopping carts are kept.
Suddenly she stops before reaching the doors and steps back just in time to avoid being struck by the silver Nissan car which came smashing through the glass doors.
The woman dashes back into the supermarket, in what appears to be fright.
Another video taken by an onlooker after the incident shows extensive damage to the outer glass panes and doors at Cost Pro.
The out of control car crashes to a stop in the trollies.  

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