No coins from ECCB for Antigua

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The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank – the ECCB – is unable to provide Antigua and Barbuda with coins.
That’s according to a notice that has been posted for almost two months in Epicurean, one of the country’s biggest supermarkets.
When Observer Media contacted the deputy governor of the ECCB, Trevor Brathwaite, just before 5’oclock this afternoon, he told us that the bank was working on a release and it would be sent out shortly.
Epicurean has gotten around the shortage of coins by asking customers to bring in their five, 10 and 25 cent coins which would be exchanged for notes.
A check with the supermarket revealed that customers have been making the exchange.
In its notice, Epicurean also suggests that customers  pay with a debit card or credit card since it may not be able to give back change.
It’s this portion of Epicurean’s notice that isn’t sitting well with some people, including co-owner of North Coast Hardware Jason Holowchak.

Holowchak says he too is having a challenge buying coins from the banks but he has never been notified that there is a shortage.
He also wants to know why he has to pay to buy coins, a new policy of one of the local banks.

The businessman has found a way around the new policy.

The co-owner of North Coast hardware, Jason Holowchak.

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