Doctor advises residents to drink more water to avoid dehydration

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As a result of Antigua & Barbuda experiencing high temperatures in recent days, residents are being urged to keep their bodies hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water.
The advice came from Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr James Knight who reminded the public why they should stay hydrated.
“Water is extremely important,” Dr Knight said. “Water is best for your circulation, it keeps the body healthy and it eliminates toxins that develop in the foods that we eat.”
Dr Knight said that there are some fruit juices which have no added sugar and are therefore not very sweet, so these are appropriate along with water, although water is more efficient.
He added, “Some people drink all sorts of juices and think that’s the nicest thing to quench thirst but that is not true. I will take the opportunity now to say that we are against the excessive consumption of sugar.”
The acting chief medical officer also cautioned people to avoid staying in direct sunlight longer than necessary.
 (More in today’s Daily Observer)

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