Residents express sympathy and anger after discovery of dead male foetus

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Residents have expressed mixed emotions, after learning that the body of a male foetus was found at Crawl Bay, shortly after 8 am on Wednesday.
The unidentified foetus, who the police reported was at about six months gestation, was found floating in the water by a group of workers from the Environ-ment Department who were clearing  Sargassum seaweed from the beach.
It was about eight in the morning when the group said they stumbled upon the plastic bag, floating near the shoreline with the foetus inside it.
Facebook users held nothing back when they commented on the breaking news article on OBSERVER media’s Facebook page yesterday.
Some were evidently angry, arguing that a different approach could have been taken.
One Facebooker said “There are people out there who can’t make babies and you created a child by your actions, and now you did this to the poor innocent child that didn’t call you.” The user continued by telling a story of her own misfortune.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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