Dockyard Challenge returns for round two

Alex Grimley.
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By Neto Baptiste

It is said that success breeds confidence and if this is so, then no one is more confident than local businessman Alex Grimley and UK visitor to Antigua, Paul Mather David, as they seek to host round two of the Dockyard Challenge in hopes of raising additional funds for the Friends of the Care Project.

The second instalment of the event which will see participants challenge each other in combination of hiking, swimming and walking or running activities, is set to take place on August 29.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Grimley said “round two” of the challenge was decided on after a friendly argument between himself and the other competitors from the initial race.

“One of the organisers [Paul Mather Davis] actually funds the Dockyard Challenge on the day and two of the contesters in myself and another guy called Yannick, who is a pure athlete, actually got lost on the course. So we both argued that we thought we were going to win it or do quite well and Yannick actually came second while I came about fourth or fifth,” he said.

“Afterwards, we started talking about how we’d been sent the wrong way by one of the stewards and we had a grumble about it. Playfully, I sort of challenged Paul to a rematch and he said as long as we can make some more money for charity, let’s have a rematch,” Grimley, the owner of the Sheer Rocks Restaurant, said. 

It is hoped, he added, that the event will further encourage members of the public to support the charity of choice in a meaningful way.

“We are going to do it with no support apart from Karl from the Antigua Yacht Club, who has kindly offered to do the water safety so we don’t struggle across in the channel there. So the three of us are going to do it and we are hoping to raise some more money for the Friends of the Care Project again. It would be good if we could raise a couple thousand EC;, I think that would make it worthwhile,” he said.

The event is slated to start at 6 am on August 29. Those wishing to contribute to the Friends of the Care Project can do so by visiting and clicking on the donate link.

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