Do you prefer Jnr Carnival on a weekday or a weekend?

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Should junior carnival be held on a weekdays or weekend?
This question came to mind after this year’s exercise ended at 3 am on Friday.
It seems impossible to complete the four-segment event in a reasonable time. Junior Carnival involves a parade of troupes from the various schools and groups, stage presentations as well as the calypso, jumpy and groovy soca monarch competitions.
Apart from the concern for the inordinately long time span OBSERVER media spoke to patrons following the event to gauge their thoughts on having the children’s carnival on a workday.
One man said there is so much packed into the evening, it is good to keep it on the weekend “because you had time to prepare”.
A female retiree said: “A lot of persons would have liked to come with their kids, but because of work constraints they could not. If the employers aren’t carnival-oriented then it would be difficult for them to get the time off.”
She explained that her visiting companion arrived at the show early, and there weren’t a lot of people in Carnival City between three and five in the afternoon, because most adults were at work.
“Now they are trickling in as it gets later. It’s a disadvantage to the kids and their parents,” she added. “After all, the proud parents would like to see their children perform, and the children are eager for their parents to see them.”
A father disagreed, saying, “Thursday is ideal for now. It’s okay because it’s children, and they’re on vacation, and the parents come after work.”
A churchgoer, who agrees with holding the activity on Thursday reasoned that “the people want to go to church and this allows them to keep the day of rest”.
“I think it can work because any time after 4 pm, people get off from work,” a man said.
One woman suggested that “the Festivals Commission will lose revenue if they choose to host the event on a workday because sales will not be as robust if the money-spenders are stuck in an office.”

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