2017 Party Monarch winners exchange crowns

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Bachannal Saturday winners Tian Winter and Ricardo Drue have swapped crowns in this year’s FLOW Party Monarch competition with the Tian taking the Groovy title and Ricardo the Jumpy when compared to last year’s show.
ID Nation frontman Ricardo Drue told OBSERVER media that what set his performance apart from the other contenders was that his rendition of “Another level”, was just simply on another level.
The ‘Winterman’ captured his ninth crown in Carnival City with his song “Oath” and said, “It’s not my first win so it’s not a new feeling.”
He professed that he “can sing more and perform more” and those are the main reasons for his success after a decade in the business.
Also in the winner’s circle were Claudette “CP” Peters in the first runner up position and Dennis “Menace” Roberts who was second runner up in the Groovy section with “Out deh” and “Miserable” respectively.
Highlights of Bachannal Saturday included Ricardo rocketing into the air with his jet-pack, Tian coming back to life after receiving a string of bullets to his chest and Menace’s jilted bride asking him to strip down and remove “everything wa me buy fa you”; leaving him in his boxer briefs.
In the Jumpy segment, Tian Winter received the 2nd runner up for “Never” and Menace nabbed 1st runner up with “No Limits” a song which critics said he sped up to meet the 140 BPM requirement for jumpy songs.
Outside of the winner’s circle, was Kimmy, Zamoni, Bernie, Blade, Ebony-T, Laurena Davis, Lyricksman, Byke, Janine and Natural Rampler.
Newcomer Zamoni Martin said his social media fans communicated to him that he did them proud and so he was shocked at not placing.
 “When the time is right or when it’s my time it’s my time. We didn’t take an L and let’s keep promoting the music…whatever the outcome keep pushing on,” he said.
Technical difficulties and performance limitations affected some artists in last night’s showdown and monarch Ricardo Drue said his team was still able to execute “professionally” during glitches in his groovy performance.
Tian Winter reportedly had stage use restrictions according to his Manager and Former Chairman of Carnival Neil Cochrane who said this year’s organisers refused to allow Winter using an SUV on stage.
He explained that the organisers informed the team with little notice that the stage was compromised since the fete Red Eye therefore leading them to reshuffle how Tian would start his performance.
“Before the festival is to open and you have a compromised stage it has to be fixed because I know as former chairman we don’t have public liability insurance,” Cochrane said live on OBSERVER media’s Facebook stream.
Patrons at the show were treated performances by Onyan and the Effek band which was a definite crowd mover while the audience awaited the judge’s decision which came minutes to 3 this morning.
Ricardo Drue was voted as the Peoples Choice while the Festivals Commission recognised Glenroy “Byke” Joseph for his contribution of more than 20 years, with a Veterans award during the prize giving ceremony.
“I feel good. I was really surprised over that and man I love it. All I have to say to the Antiguan public is thanks and to my fans who keep the faith and support me year after year,” Byke said.
The veteran started his career in the eighties with the band El-A-Kru.

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