DNA’s spokesperson says Gov’t’s approach to youth delinquency disheartening

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Suitable amenities for rehabilitation, reinforced regulation, and increased workshops have been identified as some of the ways the government can tackle youth delinquency in Antigua and Barbuda.
Democratic National Alliance (DNA) spokesperson for social transformation and gender affairs, Erica Edwards said an effective solution to addressing delinquency among the youth, did not appear to be a priority for the government and that is “disheartening”.
“When will the government make it a priority to construct an adequate facility to assist and rehabilitate troubled teens especially the female? What are we doing to ensure that our young people have an adequate facility to be able to assist them as they go through these challenges?” she asked.
Edwards said the problem of youth delinquency called for a non-partisan approach and caregivers needed to play their part.
“Let’s strengthen legislation to hold parents accountable for the care and wellbeing of their children because they have a role to play. We also need to offer more support and assistance and encouragement to them, especially the single parents to help them improve and increase their effectiveness,” the spokeswoman stated.
She said more workshops need to be put in place, and there is need for more partnerships through the schools.
“We need to look at areas in education and put the necessary financial support in place to help identify the students with learning challenges as well as the gifted children. Let’s encourage and subsidise more grassroots programmes within the community in sports, arts and academics.
“Our youth are our future and if we continue to ignore their basic well-being then we are delinquent in our duties as adult leaders to create a society that is positioned for success and resilience.”
Edwards added that “we have to do a comprehensive assessment of the underlying problems related to youth delinquency and we have to put an effective roadmap in place, other than that there will be no significant reduction.”

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