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DNA responds to photos of gun wielding candidate

In a release, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has called the photos circulating of its newest candidate Karis Barton posing with a shotgun “a moment of adolescent posturing” which he appreciates “can convey the wrong impression.”
According to the release, the photos which were posted by Barton on July 31, 2011 “was taken in a foreign country…while on a vacation with friends” and Barton now has greater “maturity.” He is seen holding the firearm in what appears to be a shoe store.
Members of the opposition United Progressive Party have been asking questions about the photos and whether the weapon is legal and if Barton has a license for it. The DNA has accused “political opponents” and “detractors” of engaging in “gutter politics” and attempting to manipulate the situation. It said it is aware that a political opponent posted the photos of Barton on their own page. On Saturday, Barton was named as the DNA candidate in St Phillip’s South.
According to the release, the new candidate has himself been a victim of gun violence when “as a child…his father was brutally gunned down.” It added that Barton is “committed to ridding our society of the scourges of crime and violence” particularly crime involving illegal guns.
OBSERVER media reached out to Barton for comment on the photos via his Facebook messenger on the weekend but did not get response.
When he was presented to the public as the candidate for St. Philip South, Barton said that too many young people are caught up in crime and “call 1735 home.” He said he was concerned about this and would focus on youth employment and empowerment. The maintenance engineer and certified skipper also said that he was concerned about the safety and security of residents.



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