What’s going on here with the new DNA candidate?

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Questions are being asked about Karis Barton, the newest political candidate of the Democratic National Alliance, who is seen posing in photographs on his Facebook page, holding what appears to be a real gun and bullets. In one image, Barton, who was unveiled Saturday night as the candidate for St. Philip South, has several seemingly real rounds of ammunition in his hands while a man is standing beside him with what seems to be a real gun which was pointed downwards.
The images were posted on July 30, 2011. Barton posted a comment on the image saying “The real blue steel,” while another person wrote, “Ratty shotty it na show sympathy!!!!!!hold it down boss!” A third comment indicated, “Live cartridges!” And in another photograph, Barton is holding the gun, pointing it sideways, and the caption written six years ago asked “Is it to be held like that..lol?” The caption was subsequently edited three years ago to state, “Is it to be held like that?????”
Members of the opposition United Progressive Party are asking questions about the images and whether the weapon is legal and if Barton has a licence for it. OBSERVER media reached out to Barton for comment via his Facebook messenger and have yet to get a response up to press time last night. An effort to reach the political leader of the DNA, Joanne Massiah, via calls to her cellular phone was unsuccessful. She later reached out, via WhatsApp, enquiring what the call was about.
She was asked for Barton’s direct contact number and whether she was aware of the images on his Facebook page, but up to press time, she had only responded saying “I’ll get back to you in a while.” When he was presented to the public as the candidate for St. Philip South, Barton said that too many young people are caught up in crime and “call 1735 home.”
He said he was concerned about this and would focus on youth employment and empowerment. The maintenance engineer and certified skipper also said that he was concerned about the safety and security of residents and upgraded educational facilities.
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