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Current Covid-19 restrictions remain in place for another two weeks

The 8pm to 5am curfew will remain in place for at least another two weeks.

Restrictions placed on restaurants which allow take-out only, will also continue for two more weeks along with the closure of gyms, clubs and bars.

The Cabinet said that the resumption of the reopening of these establishments is dependent on whether there is a reduction in the number of Covid cases reported each week.

Beaches are only to open between 5am to 5pm during the week and from 5am to 12pm on weekends.



  1. Whilst I understand the need for Antigua & Barbuda to protect its citizens, it must be balanced with the needs of the economy. This is particularly true in relation to touristic exercises, on which our economy is so heavily reliant.

    I must say, it is incredibly frustrating that restaurants remain closed when measures such as proof of vaccination could be used to alleviate any risk that comes from their use. I have several customers who have been in contact with me, to say that they will likely cancel their trips to our island if these restrictions remain in place. Visitors come here to take advantage of the beauty of our beaches, and to dine and relax in our restaurants. They do not come to be locked in their rooms and forced to eat off their laps.

    I deplore this decision in that rather than helping us overcome this covid crisis, we are in fact worsening it. If our neighbours in St Kitts & Nevis are able to keep tourist facilities open during a spike of covid cases, why can’t we?


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