Cops accused of kidnapping, corruption get bail

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The two cops who allegedly kidnapped two men, held them at gunpoint and took illegal drugs from them for personal gain, have been granted bail.
Among the bail conditions set by Justice Keith Thom, Corporal Marcus Isadore and Constable Peter Lugay have been ordered to report to the St John’s Police Station twice daily, they had to pay a $15,000 bond of a $80,000 bail order and they needed two sureties as assurance they will return to court whenever required.
Additionally, they were placed on a curfew which bars them from leaving their home between 8 pm and 6 am, unless in the case of an emergency. Also, they must inform the court of any change of address 48 hours in advance of moving.
Isadore who is 43 years old, and Lugay who is 23, are to return before the St John’s Magistrates Court for committal proceedings on July 19.
It is alleged that they used their police issued weapons to commit the offences against Bertram Miller and Noel Johnson, according to the charges.
In the two counts of kidnapping charges filed, it is alleged that on April 25, the officers, without lawful authority, forcibly seized and imprisoned Miller and Johnson at Browne Bay with intent to cause them to be secretly confined against their will.
Under the Offences Against the Person Act, if the officers are found guilty, they can be imprisoned for any term not exceeding seven years, with or without hard labour.
Constable Lugay is separately accused of assaulting Johnson with intent to commit a felony at the same Browne Bay property in April.
According to the police, the cops are jointly accused of confiscating 29 pounds of cannabis from the men in April and another eight pounds in February, which have not been accounted for, and was never turned over as evidence.

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