CIP boss is mum on this important resignation

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The new head of the Citizenship by Investment Unit Sharmaine Donovan won’t say why the deputy is resigning.
Sharmaine Donovan took over the CIU as Chief Executive Officer at the end of March after the controversial resignation of former CEO Chisanga Chekwe.
But after the announcement of Donovan as replacement, the public learned that deputy CEO Thomas Anthony was resigning as well.
While she won’t say why he’s leaving, Donovan has heaped praise on Anthony for easing her transition into her new post.
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Donovan was speaking to Observer media’s Kieron Murdoch on Monday evening.
She told our reporter no one has been fingered to replace Anthony who is leaving in a week.
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OBSERVER media spoke to Anthony, but he too was tight lipped.
But he was willing to discuss his future after leaving the unit come May 31st.
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Deputy CEO of the CIU, Thomas Anthony.

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