Diplomatic appointments continue while full list remains secret

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As the government holds back on releasing the long-promised list of diplomatic passport holders–it has been revealed appointments have been continuing at a steady pace.
A business plan from the Foreign Affairs Ministry says seventeen ambassadors and special envoys were appointed over 15 months.
The country now has ambassadors to the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, African Union, International Renewable Energy Agency, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Oman, Cyprus, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, China, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada.
The nation also has Honorary Consuls in Japan, Korea, Germany, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Italy, Lebanon and France while appointees are seeking confirmation from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Turkey while the government says its exploring to honorary consul appointments in Nigeria, UAE and Oman.
The latest listed diplomatic appointments, excluding economic
envoys, are as follows:
Ambassadors at Large
H.E Brian Challenger
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E Michel Aflak
Ambassador at Large
H.E Colin Murdoch
Ambassador -at –Large and OECS Commissioner
H.E Claire Chastanet
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E Sir Curtly Ambrose
Ambassador -at- Large
H.E Maria Bird-Browne
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E Lionel Hurst
Ambassador –at –Large
H.E Dr. Winston Richards
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E Dr. Joseph John
Ambassador –at – Large to CIP and Investment
H.E Josette Michael
Ambassador –at –Large
H.E Emile Hesky
Ambassador –at –Large
H.E Sir Vivian Richards
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E Dr. Patrick Matthews
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E John E. St. Luce
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E Sir Richard Richardson
Ambassador -at -Large
H.E Clarence Henry
Ambassador –at –Large with Special Responsibility for Development Cooperation NAO & Head Implementation Unit
Accredited Ambassadors
H.E. Anthony Liverpool
Ambassador to Japan
H.E Johann Lebrecht Hesse
Ambassador to the African Union
H.E Diann Black- Layne
Ambassador with Responsibility for Climate Change
H.E Bernard Percival
Ambassador to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
H.E Sir David Shoul
Ambassador to the Vatican, Holy See
H.E Arthur Thomas
Ambassador to the Czech Republic
H.E Gail Christian
Ambassador to the United Mexican States
H.E Ramez Hadeed
Ambassador to Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria
H.E Azziz Hadeed
Ambassador to South Korea
H.E Brian Stuart Young
Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China
Designated Ambassadors
H.E Daven Joseph
Whaling Commissioner
H.E Jeffery Hadeed
Ambassador to Italy
H.E L. Franklin Francis
Ambassador to the Federal Democratic of Ethiopia
Economic Envoys
H.E Allen Weston
Ambassador / Economic Envoy
Other known Economic Envoys include:
Robert De Niro
Martin Ellis Franklin
Armand Arton
Prime Minister Gaston Browne is yet to deliver on a promise to release the full list of diplomatic and official passport holders.

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