Celebrating remarkable women of Antigua and Barbuda

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By the Department of Culture

In 2019, we at the Department of Culture came to the conclusion that there was a need for comprehensive recognitions and acknowledgements of the accomplishments of our remarkable women who have made considerable contributions towards the development of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

It was determined that their distinction would be based solely on achievements, within whatever might be their fields of endeavour, and would not be influenced by any other criterion.

It was further decided that since women have played significant roles in the development of our society, it is imperative that we highlight the extraordinary efforts and positive developments that they have made to our nation, and in some instances, to the world at large.

The arduous time-consuming effort began back then and, eventually, biographies of such persons have been compiled, and are now deemed as ready to be presented to the general public.

The department is committed to showcasing a diverse collection of “remarkable women,” and to ensuring that their contributions do not go unnoticed or unannounced.

It is also the department’s determination that not only will these biographies be recorded for posterity and held available for edification but, in addition, they will help to motivate future generations of our women and stimulate them to also strive for excellence.

It is our desire that the selected women will be seen as possible mentors and role models for today’s youth, and for generations yet to come.

Cognisant of the vast number of such deserving candidates, a decision was made to celebrate them, from now until the end of this year. The biographies will be presented to the general public at the rate of five persons each month, concluding in December of this year.

The profiles of each woman, selected in each of the groups of five, will remain posted on the department’s social media pages for the duration of one month, and will thereafter be replaced by another assemblage of five others.

We sincerely hope that this endeavour will achieve the aims, goals and objectives that are intended, and that our efforts will make a contribution to nation building and national development.

Today, the 19th day of March, 2021, we are gathered here to proudly launch the Department of Culture’s presentation of “Remarkable Women of Antigua and Barbuda”.

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