Cause of fire at All Saints Secondary School is confirmed

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Arson is the confirmed cause of the fire that gutted the administrative building and several classrooms at the All Saints Secondary School (ASSS) in February last year.
That’s according to sources close to the investigation, who also said several students were interviewed as the authorities try to determine who deliberately set the building alight.
None of the students were charged, and the probe will continue.
From the onset, the investigators said they suspected the fire was due to arson because there was an odour of gas in the building.
The fire occurred at approximately 4:45 a.m. on February 27, 2016. Back then, Michael Browne, minister of education, estimated it would cost approximately $2.2 million to rebuild the burnt areas.
Construction of the new administrative office and classrooms took a year. Classes resumed nearly a year to the date of the deliberate act. All 700-plus students had to be re-registered because their records were destroyed.

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