Case adjourned against Greenbay man accused of forging cheques

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

The committal hearing of a Greenbay Hill man alleged to have stolen cheques and forged them to obtain almost $12,000 has been pushed further down the court’s docket.

Keithlyn Samuel now has to wait until July 20 to find out if his case will make it up to the higher court to be handled by a judge.

The 21-year-old is said to have stolen a few cheques from a business owner sometime in February.

The crime was reportedly uncovered after the complainant noticed that some of his ACB cheques had been stolen.

On the night of March 15 2021, the complainant went to the police and reported the matter.

He informed the police that the cheques were cashed at three different locations on three different days.

An officer then investigated the matter and reportedly found that the cheques were in the defendant’s name.

A handwriting expert is said to have analysed the writing on the cheques and deduced that it indeed matched that of the defendant.

Samuel was subsequently charged with three counts of obtaining monies by false pretences, three counts of forgery, three counts of larceny, and three of uttering.

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