Calls for MPs who enter polling stations during vote-counting to be prosecuted

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A former high-ranking regional electoral officer is advocating for criminal charges to be brought against any minister of government who finds his/her way in a polling station when the counting of ballots is taking place.
Former Deputy Chief Electoral Officer in Barbados Donville Johnson said this is no place for a minister of government.
“The law needs to he upheld and any politican who tries to get where he does not belong, and he knows that, should be prosecuted,” Johnson said.
He suggested regulations in each country specify who should be in a polling station when ballots are to be counted and such information has to be submitted to the electoral officer or Supervisor of Elections prior to the count.
He said the presence of a politician in a counting station could influence the process.
“The results many not turn out any differently but at the same time I think they do have an influence,” Johnson said.
His comments came on the heels of attempts by Tourism Minister Asot Michael to gain entry in the counting area last Monday night prior to the start of the counting for the Barbuda Council elections.
Michael’s attempt was foiled by the Free and Fair Election League which was granted national observer status to monitor the process.
When he was denied access, the minister walked off hurling insults at Secretary of the League George Rick James, and police officers who were on duty at the time.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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