Business owner pleads for public’s help

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The owner of Roxy’s Jewellery Clothing and Things, Roxanne Martin, is pleading for assistance from the public in identifying the person caught on camera breaking into her business place located in the Dollar Building on Nevis Street.

Martin told Observer media that the brazen robbery took place around 9.30am Friday morning.

According to Martin, the intruder ran into the store past her assistant who had her back turned and by the time she saw the shadow and turned around to ask how she could be of help he was already on his way out.

The assistant then went to the front and realised two stainless steel jewellery pieces were gone.

The police were immediately informed.

The intruder can be seen on the video wearing a mask and white vest and carrying what looks like a shopping bag.

Martin also stated that Criminal Investigation Department officers took her statement and said they would contact her for the video footage but have yet to do so.

Police did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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