Bus operators challenged by commuters who refuse to wear face masks

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Bus operators say they are finding it difficult to get commuters to comply with Covid-19 rules.

Bus Association President Keithroy Black says several complaints have been made by his members about travelers who refuse to wear face masks.

“They have a challenge sometimes in asking passengers to put on their mask and sometimes passengers are being negative; they’re not being responsive; they curse them sometimes and they would ask them to leave their bus simply because of that,” he told Observer.

Black believes that on average 90 to 95 per cent of drivers continue to adhere to the covid protocols but there are still those who are lackadaisical.

” … those who are not doing it, they may just be the very ones to cause harm to others and we continue to ask them to continue to just do the necessary things. It’s for yourself and for your family and loved ones,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents are reporting that a large numbers of bus drivers are carrying full passenger buses even while there is regulations against doing so.

Just last week, Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin responded saying that bus drivers have not been given permission to carry a full load of passengers and are still receiving subsidies from the government to offset the loss.

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