Bus association head supports dress code for drivers

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The president of the Antigua and Barbuda Bus Association supports the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board’s decision to enforce a dress code on bus drivers.
Keithroy Black told OBSERVER media yesterday these drivers, specifically those at the East Bus Station, have failed to adhere to the 20-plus years’ rule that they must wear long plans, button-down shirts or T-shirts, closed shoes and must wear their public service permits on their clothes at all times.
On Tuesday, Ishorne Caesar, supervisor of Bus Terminals Division, in a memo to the drivers said those who do not adhere to the rules will not be allowed to operate at the station.
Black said that those bus drivers who have an issue with the rules being enforced are part of a rebellious group of bus operators.
“For too long we have bus drivers who think it is okay for them to continue to do things any old how. I would receive calls from passengers complaining about the condition of the bus, the way in which drivers carry themselves, and that is unacceptable,” the president said.
The association head said there have been several meetings with drivers where the concerns were highlighted; however, some drivers continue to do what they want.
But, Black said the clampdown by the Board is necessary.
“It is easier for me to stand down than not to support the [dress code] because I think that as public service providers they are ambassadors. All of them would have gone through ambassador training at the Hotel Training school where we were told what we should and should not do,” he added.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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