Bizarre case of imposters frightens cop’s mom

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The mother of a policeman trusted her instincts yesterday and refused to accompany two men who were dressed as police officers and who told her that one of her sons had been involved in a serious accident and was on the verge of death.
The 44-year-old woman said she believes she would have been kidnapped and hurt her or used to get to her son, who is a Corporal of Police and who is one of three officers whose complaint of sexual harassment landed the Commissioner of Police, Wendel Robinson, on suspension in April pending the outcome of a probe.
The woman, who did not want to be named, recounted, through tears, the events that occurred at mid-morning yesterday while she was at work.
She spoke exclusively with this reporter, saying that two men who were dressed in dark blue coveralls with the word POLICE inscribed on the back, showed up at a house in Fitches Creek where she does domestic work.
On arrival, the men parked some distance away from the house even though there was a driveway and space close to the property.
The woman said the men came up to the yard and asked for her, using her son’s last name.
“They came and ask for Mrs. [name omitted] and I told them there’s no Mrs. [name omitted] here and then they said well we are looking for officer [name omitted] mom and I told them that I am the person,” she said.
The woman added, “Clearly they did not know my name because I don’t have my son’s last name. But they then told me ‘he had a serious accident and he is at the hospital and he is not going to make it so we want you there’.”
According to the woman, she was shocked, frightened, shaken and somewhat suspicious so she decided not to leave her workplace without first speaking with her boss who was not there.
“I don’t know what would have happened if I had gone with them. I told them I couldn’t go with them because my boss wasn’t there and when she comes she would take me. So, they asked me if I was going to stay there and let him perish while I wait for my boss and I said yes, she will come, she is on her way and I will explain to her and if anything she will drop me,” she recounted.
The woman said the two men looked at each other, stayed in the yard for about 20 seconds and then left.
They drove off in a dark vehicle which she did not further describe.
After that, she called her son’s phone and when she got through to him, she learned that he had not been involved in an accident and was fine.
The woman, who said she was still “a little shaken” during the interview, made a report to the Parham Police Station, indicating that one of the imposters identified himself as “Corporal David” of the SSU (Special Services Unit).
However, OBSERVER media made enquiries and learned there is no officer with that name in the unit and the description of the person does not match any other officer with the name David in any other section of the police force.
The woman’s son also spoke with OBSERVER media, saying he is very concerned about his mother’s safety.
The police are investigating the incident.

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