‘Burga’ gets multiple charges, remanded to prison

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Seven charges, including two counts of murder, have been filed against Calvin “Burga” James, and he has been remanded to prison to await his committal.

The 56-year-old Perry Bay man is accused of murdering Tahisha Thomas and Sanchezca Charles, shooting Lawrence James with intent to murder him, possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition, all of which allegedly occurred on October 5 last year at Donovans. Additionally, he is accused of larceny of a .38 special revolver valued $5,000 and six rounds of .38 ammunition valued $21.

The theft allegedly occurred some time between late September and early October at Marble Hill. Calvin James, who was listed on Interpol as a wanted man following the shooting rampage, was caught by an ex-policeman in the wee hours of Sunday 13 January, after managing to evade the police for so long. When he was captured in the Hermitage/Pearns Point area, the accused allegedly had a .38 special revolver in his possession, and it still had a bullet in it.

This has resulted in another two charges of possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition being filed against him. ‘Burga’ did not have a lawyer when he appeared in the St. John’s Magistrates Court yesterday.

He is to return for committal proceedings in April. About 6 a.m. on October 5 that the accused went to the house where his sister Ineta Liburd lived with her daughter Tahisha Thomas, her son Lawrence James and his girlfriend Sanchezca Charles.

Liburd was not home at the time. It is alleged that after the accused asked the other occupants of the house for her and they indicated she was not there, he shot them at close range. The shooting attack occurred while Calvin James was out on bail for allegedly wounding Liburd and another of her daughters three years prior.

After the latest incident, Liburd and several of her children were placed in protective custody, and she subsequently left the country. Upon hearing the news of her brother’s capture, Liburd expressed joy to OBSERVER media, while at the same time saying it was the start of another painful journey – the trial.

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