Boosting tourism through art

Artist Glenroy Aaron uses art to connect Canadian travel agents and media to Antigua and Barbuda and inspire vacations (Photos courtesy ABTA)
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Travel agents in Canada who help lure tourists to Antigua and Barbuda were treated to a virtual journey to the twin island nation – through art.

Eminent local artist Glenroy Aaron painted before a live audience of 35 industry professionals and media, using the breathtaking backdrop of Cocos Hotel for his inspiration.

The initiative, organised by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, showcased the country’s 365 beaches and scenic rainforest as an antidote to months of Covid-related lockdowns across the world.

 Maximising the authority’s ‘Space Travel’ campaign and capturing Antigua with creative flair, Aaron demonstrated the space for freedom and inspiration that the island has to offer.

The Space Travel concept speaks to people’s newfound desire for space, and freedom to move and explore, after months of being trapped indoors with restricted access to the outside world.  

“Following months of lockdown and restricted travel, we want to inspire travellers to pick a holiday destination that offers space for creativity, innovation and passion,” said the Tourism Authority’s CEO Colin James.

“We launched this campaign with the view to reach people from a variety of platforms and to utilise the bounty of talent and creativity that can be found here on this island, whether that’s through the medium of art, cooking or showcasing our culture and adventures. 

“Highlighting our bountiful space, and all the amazing things you can do in it, will hopefully inspire people to confidently and safely explore the wonder and beauty of our destination,” James added.

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