Big bucks for ‘Bag ah Money’ grand prize winner

Delight for Flow prize winner (Photo contributed)
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Leesha Marcellin is $10,000 richer, thanks to Flow.

The young entrepreneur, who was surprised to learn that she had won the Grand Prize in Flow’s Bag ah Money promotion, remarked “the money could not have come at a better time”.

When asked about plans for the sudden windfall, she tearfully replied, “I am going to fix up our home.”

Marcellin’s name was entered into the prize draw when she topped up her mobile phone online about a week ago. Her mother, who helped Flow pull off the surprise for her daughter, said that “Leesha also has plans to go back to school”.

The mom said she told her daughter to take a day off from work to accompany her to the airport as part of the elaborate plan to surprise her. “I also asked her to put on something nice. You should see all the clothes inside on the bed from her trying to get the right outfit. When I looked outside and saw all the Flow vehicles pull up, it was very emotional as I knew how much winning that prize would mean to her and I started to cry.”

When the unsuspecting lucky winner stepped outside, she was greeted by a squad of Flow representatives in blue.

She admitted to being a bit confused at first and wondered what was going on before Flow’s brand influencer DJ Quest introduced the team.

He asked Marcellin a few questions to include if she knew about the promotion, but delayed giving her the big news by first asking how she would react if she had won some of the smaller prizes including a phone, top up credit or a free ‘Always On’ data plan.

She shed tears of joy when he eventually gave her the good news.

Marcellin is the second Grand Prize winner after Hilbert Nation also won $10,000 a few weeks ago.

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