Bodybuilding judge justifies overall decision

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National bodybuilding champion Kenny Jacobs was “better overall,” during the national bodybuilding championships held 26th August, giving him the edge for the overall title.
This is according to chief judge for the Antigua and Barbuda Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Federation (ABBWF), Errol Williams, as he responded to public scrutiny over the judges’ decision which placed Jacobs ahead of former national champion Orson Martin for the title.
“He had more muscle density, he was harder, and overall he was just better but it was not a blow away. And when I say “blow away”, I mean that you just didn’t look at him and say he win. After going through the compulsory poses, you see the difference because the compulsory poses are the ones that determines who is the better athlete so you are looking at a physique in all angles when both of them are doing the same poses and you are looking at the physique at the same time,” he said. 
Martin, during an interview on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, questioned the decision, pointing out that in his opinion, he had beaten Jacobs in more categories.
According to Williams, however, the final decision is based on proportion.
“Orson won best legs and best arms, Kenny won best back and best chest so if you are going to say he won because he had best chest then why didn’t you win because you had best arms. A best body part doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the better body because that body part must be balanced or be proportioned with the rest of the body so you may have a big leg but when you put in in comparison with the rest of the upper body, it may be lacking,” the chief judge said.
Both Jacobs and Martin have been included in a seven-member national team to compete at this month’s Central American & Caribbean (CAC) Championships.
The other members of the team are former champion Ollyn Martin, lightweight winner Elvis Bailey, classic bodybuilding champion Bernard Percival, bikini champion Kimberly Ephraim and Sher-Rhonda Braithwaite.

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