Bleau: More time is needed for proper prep of teams

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By Carlena Knight

Head Coach of the Under-15 Benna boys who just competed in the Under-15 CONCACAF Championships, Desmond “Zico” Bleau, is of the opinion that in order for teams to truly be successful more preparation time is needed.

Bleau was speaking last Friday after the team’s 1-0 loss in their final encounter to Martinique at the IMG Academy in Florida.

“The next competition for this group is the Under-17s –unless we find another Under-17 tournament that we could find within the next year – but realistically you have two years to prepare for an Under-17 tournament and if you ask me what I want today, if you ask me what I want six months from now, it is going to be the same thing – time,” the coach said.

“The more time we have with the players is the more we can prepare them because we would have seen them in different situations, not just on the field but off the field. Off the field is extremely important and far too many times we have put things together last minute with not even prep time, but this time around we had eight weeks and you would be amazed the difference a month makes.”

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