Minister gives update on YASCO

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By Carlena Knight

Minister of Sports, Daryll Matthew has once again proceeded to update the public on the ongoing revamping of the lone track and field facility, YASCO.

Matthew was a guest on OBSERVER AM last Friday when he gave a brief update.

Although a confirmed completion date has not been set, the Minister responsible for Sports alluded to work being completed at the end of the year.

“As I would have reported to the public some time back, all the implements are here on island. I think the last conversation we had with C.O. Williams … is that they are bringing in a barge of sand or something to start laying the infield up at the grounds,” Matthew said.

“I am not going to use the rain as an excuse. We do know it has been raining and we do know how the conditions up there get when it is raining, I don’t think the public needs a reminder of that but the work continues. We are finalizing a date, in fact earlier this week, Monday to be exact, we received an email from MONDO that they are looking to try and schedule for the technician to come in to oversee the laying of the track itself.”

The YASCO complex has been out of commission for two years, and this resulted in the cancellation of the School’s Track and Field Championships for the second straight year.

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