Black Reveals Slate, Pledges Finances To Clubs

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President of the Harney Motors Tryum FC and presidential candidate for the May 13 elections of the Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) Keithroy Black, on Tuesday, released a seven-member slate to contest the anticipated vote.
Among the list are three potential vice presidents and former Empire president and player, Lennie Quashie, President of the SAP football club Julia Roberts and Bertel Andrew of Willikies.
Ian Piper of English Harbour, former national player Joey Christopher and former executive member, Ickford Roberts will all contest floor member positions.
Black confirmed the full submission of his slate on Monday.
“For some reason yesterday [March 12] was announced as the deadline for all persons, the names of all candidates for the election to be handed in. I found that it was strange because when you look at the constitution that speaks to the president, it says that at least two months prior to the congress, all nominations must be in for the president but not the other candidates,” he said.
Black, who listed appearance fees for clubs, a cap on imported players and the completion of the FIFA Goal Project on his urgent to-do list, said he is close to finalising the finances needed to run the FA’s leagues and other programmes for the entire four-year term.
“The road that we are going down now is that these persons are on board to sponsor the different areas in terms of the different divisions, and the referees because that is normally a troublesome area in terms of finance. So, at the end of the day, if all divisions are sponsored for the next four years then what would happen eventually is that prize monies will be issued right away,” he said.
As per his chances, Black said he will allow the clubs to decide whether or not he is the right man for the job.
“I am confident but I am not getting overly confident because at the end of the day, the fate of all of the candidates is left up to the clubs. It’s not about who is endorsing who because a lot of persons will come on the radio and they would endorse,” he said.
“I would have heard the president [Everton Gonsalves] say that numerous persons are endorsing him, but my endorsement, I am praying and hoping for, will come from the clubs. A lot of persons can call in the radio and say a lot of things but they are not feeling the pain we are feeling as clubs,” he added.
A number of candidates have emerged for this year’s election slated for the Multipurpose Cultural Centre at Perry Bay.

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