Barnacle Point reverse osmosis plant is on target, minister says

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Work to complete the construction and installation of the new reverse osmosis plant at Barnacle Point is in keeping with the targeted timelines, the minister responsible for public utilities said yesterday.
Sir Robin Yearwood gave the update after he made a spot check on the progress of the work being carried out on the facility. over the weekend. 
“I visited the site that the new plant is supposed to be installed and I’m very pleased with the schedule that they have,” he told OBSERVER media. “We intend to bring Water Works, [the people that supply the plants] by the end of this month to start the installation, so we are on target.”
According to a government press release, all the necessary equipment are on island for the installation of the plant, and the employees are working overtime to complete the facility by mid-May for testing to commence, leading to production in early June or sooner. 
Sir Robin said that once the Barnacle Point reverse osmosis plant comes onstream, the country will benefit from the additional two million gallons of water per day.
 That amount, he said, will be more than enough to fulfill the needs of consumers islandwide.
“As the prime minister said, we are going to make sure that we have enough water to satisfy the island’s need,” Sir Robin said.
“Our task is to ensure that the entire nation receives the required water supply.”
According to the press statement, the Antigua Public Utilities Authority produced over 170.73 million gallons of water in February, while the daily consumption is approximately 6.5 million gallons.
It added that another reverse osmosis plant is being built at Bethesda for the use of farmers, and the new plant at Pigeon Point is producing more than 400,000 gallons daily for residents and businesses in the English Harbour, Falmouth, and Horsford Hill communities. 

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