Athletics association investigating athlete’s transfer

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The Antigua & Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA) said it is investigating the circumstances under which a now former national athlete was granted a transfer of allegiance by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) without input from the national association.
 President of the ABAA Everton Cornelius said that, to date, they are yet to find any correspondence from the international body regarding the transfer of sprinter Miguel Francis to Great Britain.
“I haven’t seen such to date that I can speak to, or that I can say I received this on my desk, or that I received this from my secretary saying x or y; I haven’t received anything. I am still investigating this matter because I am searching all over our website to see if there was anything ever sent to us that was never passed on to me,” he said.
British Athletics announced last week that Francis has joined its fold of athletes and that he had been cleared to compete for Great Britain with immediate effect.
Stating that he is “perturbed” by the matter, Cornelius said the association, should it be unable to track down any correspondence from the IAAF, will take the necessary steps to have the matter rectified. 
“If there is no correspondence then I would have to write. I will be at a congress meeting next week and I will be at one in August but yes, I will pen a letter to them [IAAF]. If they are saying ‘with immediate effect’, it means that you are cleared to participate for the country you change allegiance to so I am searching and asking my secretary to look at the situation and go through his computer because something happened along the way that I am not aware of,” he said.
In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Francis said he is more likely to fulfill his potential after switching allegiance to Great Britain.
The 22-year-old sprinter, who ran the seventh fastest 200m of 2016, is eligible to compete for Britain as he was born in the British Overseas Territory, Montserrat, which doesn’t have an Olympic team.

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