Barbados: China donates PPE, test gear to Ministry of Health

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(Barbados Today) – The Chinese Embassy today made its latest donation of personal protective equipment and swabs for testing to help the Ministry of Health’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ambassador Yan Xiusheng presented the ministry with 10,000 N95 respirators, 20,000 surgical face masks, 500 surgical protective gowns, and 500 medical protective goggles from the local government in Hunan province in south-central China.

The ambassador also presented 3,000 swabs, which he declared as being not big in size, not expensive in price, but as indispensable for testing for COVID-19. He noted that there is a shortage of swabs internationally with many countries banning exports.

The swabs were donated by the Chinese company COMPLANT, the main construction contractor of the Sam Lord Castle Hotel project in St Philip, he said.

Yan said: “As a company with long-time commitment to operate in Barbados, COMPLANT is not only devoted itself to the excellent hotel projects on this island but also would like to fulfil its social responsibilities to support Barbados’ effort to combat the coronavirus.

“When hearing that Barbados is in great need of the swabs, the company agreed to bring some here without hesitation although they knew this is not an easy job. And now they did it, I thank you, Complant and Mr Zhou.

“With the economic and social disorder gradually back to normal, Complant has resumed their work according to the arrangement of the Barbados Government, which I believe will continue to contribute to the economic recovery and people’s employment on this beautiful island.”

The Chinese diplomat also commended Prime Minister Mottley and her administration for “strong leadership” in supporting frontline efforts during the ongoing pandemic.

Yan noted that China is happy to see that Barbados has the epidemic under control and the situation is moving steadily in the direction.

“And looking broader, I believe that with the concerted efforts from the Chinese, the Barbadian and all the people around the globe, under the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, we can definitely win this battle against COVID-19,” he said.

Senior Medical Officer Dr Arthur Philips thanked the ambassador for the donation which he said would go a long way in helping the country to continue to contain the spread of the virus which has killed 413,000 people and sickened more than seven million around the world.

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