Baptist Academy student tops Grade Six National Assessment

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By Latrishka Thomas

J’Nique Joseph of Baptist Academy has nabbed the top spot in the Grade Six National Assessment ahead of 1,353 other students in Antigua and Barbuda.

Joseph scored 379 out of 400 marks in the primary school examinations which were conducted in June of this year.

The excited 11-year-old told OBSERVER media that it was hard work and dedication that accounted for her success.

“I studied a lot during my free time. I listened to my teacher a lot, so anytime when she said anything, I paid keen attention to it and whenever I had free time I studied.

“I would just tell other students to continue to work hard and to pray and stay focused at all times because once you get off track it’s really hard to get back on track,” Joseph said.

However, she imputed that none of it would have been possible without help from her God, her family and teachers.

J’Nique is the daughter of Kim and Carl Joseph all residing in Paynters. Kim Joseph said that her advice to other parents would be to “be that support system that your children need. Change your life so you can focus on what they need during that period. It is a very rough period and if you still want to have the same lifestyle you had the year before it’s not going to work. You have to totally be zoned into your child and it will all come off once you do that.”

Meantime, the Principal and Founder of Baptist Academy, Dr. Hensworth Jonas, said he knew Joseph would have become the islands top performer.

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