Athletics Association Head Congratulates History-Making Lloyd

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA), Everton Cornelius.
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By Neto Baptiste 

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA), Everton Cornelius, has offered congratulations to sprinter Joella Lloyd on her recent accomplishment at the SEC (Southeastern Conference) Championships last weekend. 

“I think it is something we could look forward to as a nation that we can now say that we have a female sprinter who can basically do some damage out there in the next year or so, or by the time the Olympics come around, because I think she will get down to 11 low before the year is out because what she ran there, definitely would put her in that category of running the 100 meters,” he said.  

The athlete, one week ago, clocked 7.15 seconds to win the 60 meters dash for the University of Tennessee and becoming the first from her university to win gold in the event. 

Lloyd had said that her ultimate aim is to smoothly transition into the outdoor season and Cornelius, who is also a certified coach, believes the 18-year-old is on course to achieving her goal.

“The whole training regimen is going to change when it comes to the outdoor training because you would have been working on basically, to end speed [for indoors] because it was 60 meters she was running and you want to see how fast you can develop your speed in 60 meters. When it comes to the outdoors now, you’re dealing with speed maintenance and more endurance and basically technique,” the athletics boss said. 

Lloyd had lowered her personal best on two separate occasions leading up to the start of the championships and again lowered her time even while winning the 60 meters dash on Saturday. 

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