Antiguan Bodybuilders Primed For Santo Domingo Pro Qualifier

Men’s Physique, Duncan Corbin.
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By Neto Baptiste

A two-member team will represent Antigua and Barbuda at this month’s Santo Domingo Open slated for October 22-24.

Bikini Fitness champion Makiva Elvin and Men’s Physique champion Duncan Corbin, will fly the country’s flag at the IFBB Elite Pro Qualifier at the Teatro La Fiesta Hotel in Jaragua.

According to president of the Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Federation (ABABWF) Hazel Went, the decision to send the duo to the event was made following the cancellation of another pro qualifier in Barbados.

“The Darcy Beckles is not happening again this year but will come again next year but that is why we have considered the Santo Domingo Open and that’s what Makiva and Duncan are going to this month,” she said.

Both athletes had won their respective categories in the national championship held late August which qualified them to represent the twin-island state at the pro qualifier.

Went explained that had it not been for scarce resources, more athletes could be making the trip.

“The nationals was well put together and successful but again, because of Covid and everything else considering, the funds from nationals was not quite what we expected it would be for us to send a larger team. They [Makiva and Duncan] are both winners of their categories but we have considered doing screenings to ensure that the athletes are competitive. We do it to help them to improve any areas that we see that can make them more competitive when they reach the regional stage,” she said. 

Went, herself a former bodybuilder, lamented the conditions athletes are currently training under while commending them for their perseverance.

“Some athletes are being challenged with being able to train appropriately because as you know, in bodybuilding you need weight and the more weight you can push then the more you develop your body but some of them, as well, have been working outside of the box so to speak and are being able to keep their form and that’s why we had as many competitors for the nationals. Hopefully things will continue and restrictions will be eased off and gyms will be reopened,” she said. The team is slated to depart for Santo Domingo on October 21.

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