Antigua Grammar School student chopped by cutlass-wielding assailants

front 2 chopping 1
EMS personnel attended to the Antigua Grammar School student who was chopped at least twice by three unknown assailants (Photos by Makeida Antonio)
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By Makeida Antonio

[email protected]

Police are investigating what appears to be a horrific premeditated attack on a schoolboy.

The Antigua Grammar School student sustained chop wounds following a violent attack with a cutlass.

It remains unclear how many wounds were sustained, as he was promptly taken to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre by the Emergency Medical Services.

The teen, who has not been formally identified by authorities, was reportedly walking home when three young men dressed in hoodies allegedly waiting for him by Teachers Place pounced upon him.

A crossing guard who referred to herself as ‘Tanasha’ spoke to Observer as an eyewitness. She said she was compelled to intervene in an attempt to save the boy’s life.

“I was standing up there and then I saw three kids running. I thought they were playing at first. Then when I looked, I saw that it was a really serious fight and the [victim] was trying to get away from the boys. They were jumping him, trying to do something so I shouted out and said ‘hey!’ and the [victim] ran.

“He was bleeding and ran towards the Fire Station. It was a serious chop that he got so they called an ambulance for him,” she recounted.

She also said police attempted to search for the alleged assailants. However, no one was apprehended at the time of the incident.

Observer spoke to AGS Principal, Sam Roberts, who said he was made aware of the matter but had not yet spoken to the student.

Police spokesperson Inspector Frankie Thomas said he is also aware of the incident, and that investigations are underway.

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