Antigua & Barbuda establishes relations with Joseon Cybernation

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The Prime Minister’s Office takes great pleasure in announcing that Antigua and Barbuda has established diplomatic relations with the Joseon Cybernation effective this date, following intense discussion and the unanimous decision of the Cabinet.

The Joseon is the non-territorial successor state to the Joseon Empire that was founded in 1392The non-territorial state seeks peaceful and friendly relations with the states of the United Nations in order to contribute to building a world of development and goodwill. It makes no claim to any territory. Joseon is a dynastic empire which ruled over a united Korea until the early 20th century. It has been reimagined by Joseon King Andrew Lee as a digital nation without territory or borders.

Antigua and Barbuda has, during its four decades of sovereignty, sought to build peace and friendship internationally and regionally. The foreign policy of Antigua and Barbuda has been aimed at achieving friendly relations with all states and peoples, and literally declaring no state an enemy of this Small Island Developing State. The country aims to befriend even those states and entities that are non-traditional and modern entities.

On 5th April 2022, the two states, Joseon and Antigua and Barbuda, signed an Agreement that supports education, economic investment and other developmental initiatives and provides the basis for longstanding friendly relations. The signing of a Treaty of Peace, Amity, and Commerce with Antigua and Barbuda speaks to the forward-looking views and policies of our outstanding Caribbean state.

This newly executed agreement establishing diplomatic relations will continue the tradition of seeking peace and development with many partners.

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