Anthony Stuart calls for Asot to resign as MP

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Executive member of the Democratic National Alliance Anthony Stuart said that he is not satisfied that Asot Michael has resigned from the Cabinet and is demanding he follows up with a resignation as the member of parliament for St. Peter.
Stuart who earlier called on Gaston Browne, the prime minister, to dismiss the Investment and Trade minister said he is not satisfied with Michael’s partial departure.
He said if Michael is serious about his commitment to the people of Antigua and Barbuda then he should resign as the MP.
“If he cares about this country as he said ‘Asot Cares’ then he should really and truly tender his resignation from the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda and let a by-election come in and whoever win, win. It would not affect the standing of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party because they have 15 seats,” he said.
Michael’s resignation comes on the heels of allegations that while he was the minister of energy in 2016, he demanded money, a car, and campaign finance from property tycoon Peter Virdee.
Virdee made the allegation in phone conversations with another businessman, Dieter Trutschler, in March 2016.
His telephone calls were secretly being intercepted by German law enforcement.
Stuart said the allegation against the MP is so hurtful that Michael should take the high road and resign.
Furthermore, Stuart, one of the founding members of the DNA said that should the St. Peter MP refuse to resign then PM Browne should ask Michael to vacate the post.
“He should bow out gracefully out of politics. You wouldn’t want [him] become a convicted felon sitting in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda and if this is the road that this thing is heading then I would say to the Honourable Asot Michael that he should tender his resignation,” he added.
Meanwhile, Harold Lovell, the political leader of the United Progressive Party was unreachable by phone at the time of going to press.
Michael has vowed to defend the allegations against him.

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