Rodney – despite scandals, police committed to fighting crime

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Acting Commissioner of Police Atley Rodney has asserted that officers within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda continue to display a high level of professionalism and commitment despite the bad press that has plagued them for years.
He said this yesterday during a press conference where he highlighted that the main responsibilities of the police are to preserve the peace and to prevent and detect crimes and other infractions of the law.
“As much as those things happened you are still sensing that level of commitment and professionalism from the officers …. It is not easy because as members of the force it affects everyone, we are still seeing the commitment because that is what we have been trained for,” Rodney said.
Over the past few years some members of the force have been accused of numerous wrongs, arrested, convicted or disciplined internally for these offences, creating a dent in their already fragile relationship with the public.
Last month, Wendel Robinson, the Commissioner of Police has been suspended after three junior ranking officers complained he made inappropriate advances towards them. An investigation is to commence some time in the near future.
Additionally, Ray John, Assistant Superintendent of Police, was bailed on Monday for alleged involvement in a conspiracy relating to bio pages of Antigua and Barbuda Passports being in possession of an unauthorised person.
While the acting top cop, Rodney, acknowledged that many organisations experience challenges in relation to the credibility of some of their members, he is adamant that officers within the force are properly trained and will live up to the oath to protect and serve.
During the press conference, the senior officer reiterated his appeal to the public to give the police continued support in fighting crime.

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