Alleged victims pressure PSC

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Officers are putting pressure on the Police Service Commission (PSC) and demanding a speedy investigation into claims of sexual harassment allegations by a top-ranking officer.
The PSC was asked to look into the complaints filed by three junior ranking policemen and an applicant seeking entry into the police force.
The four men are accusing a senior male colleague of sexually harassing them. Their request for swift action was made to the commission in letters from the affected individuals, who again wrote and distributed letters yesterday to the chairman, Kelvin John.
The alleged victims complained of incidents that occurred over the past three years, where the senior officer made sexual remarks, asked for sex and even offered to pay to engage in the illegal act.
The victims reported rejecting the sexual advances, and at least two expressed fear of being victimised by the senior officer, while one said he has already been victimised by the senior cop.
The affected officers also plan to write to a number of advocacy groups and state officials this week, as they seek some form of redress on their alleged concern.
Meanwhile, the attorney general said he has not received any update on the sexual harassment scandal involving the high ranking male police officer accused of making sexual advances on his male subordinates.
Steadroy Benjamin said he is still keeping his hands off the matter until the PSC invites him to get involved.
“They have not yet informed me what is happening with this, but, as I said, I don’t want to get involved, it is a matter solely for the PSC. I am awaiting some results and I believe that action will be taken deemed appropriate in the circumstance. Just like you and the entire Antigua and Barbuda, we are awaiting word from the PSC as to what action, if any will be taken in this case,” Benjamin said.
The PSC has refused to comment on the matter, indicating it cannot because its work is similar to that of a court of law. The body did not state whether it is investigating the matter.

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